About - AERS, LLC.

our background

Over 40 years experience in the aviation industry with experience and expertise in accident investigation, reconstruction, failure analysis and onsite investigation. Experienced with reciprocating and turbine engine investigation, failure analysis and helicopter dynamic component investigation and failure analysis. Engine repair work scope analysis, aircraft engine repair/overhaul technical support and cost management. Known for a high level of personal integrity. Due to the restricted nature and scope of this arena, a partial list of accidents investigated and files worked may be made available for discussion provided the list does not impinge current investigations or breech client confidentiality.

Qualified to provide insurance claim cause and cost determination. Testify as an expert witness in State and Federal Court pertaining to aircraft maintenance, Federal Aviation Regulations and material failures for both fixed wing and rotorcraft.

our mission

Since 1983, AERS, LLC has conducted over 1,750 analytical aviation investigations on turbine engines, reciprocating engines, aircraft and helicopters. Our investigations range from simple damage evaluations to complex failure analysis and accident reconstruction. AERS, LLC. has a combined aviation experience that totals over 45 years.

Client List

  • Insurance Companies
  • Independent Adjusters
  • Law Firms
  • Overhaul / Repair Facilities
  • Major Airlines
  • Regional Airlines
  • Corporate Owners and Operators
  • General Aviation Owners and Operators
  • Helicopter Owners and Operators
  • Commercial Helicopter Operators
  • Engine Manufactures
  • Helicopter Manufactures
  • Airframe Manufactures